We specialize in the design and manufacture of products for the process industry and laboratories, as well as research and development manufacturing resources. Our team can provide new custom solutions or modify current equipment to improve its performance.

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End Products Include:

We also offer two signature products:


This patented system provides closed loop sampling that virtually eliminates sample spillage, employee exposure and environmental release of product. Once the sample has been taken it can easily be returned to the process and a new sample taken in one step, which eliminates the sample’s disposal into sewers and subsequent environmental issues. Once the sample has been collected it can be easily transported to the lab for analysis i.e. chromatograph, mass spectrometer or any other type of lab analyzer. Drushel Design and Development can modify the Enviroflow Sampling System to fit most sampling situations.

Complete Enviroflow Sampler
Male and Female alloy 316 S.S.
(part #10-0301-202)

Complete Enviroflow
male (on left) and female (on right)

(Male part #10-0101-202) Alloy 316 S.S.
(Female part #10-0201-002) Alloy 316 S.S.

Enviroflow Female
(part #10-0201-002) Alloy 316 S.S.

Enviroflow Male
(part #10-0101-202) Alloy 316 S.S.

Enviroflow Female only S.S.
with bypass valve

(part #10-0203-002) Alloy 316 S.S.

S.S. Protective Cap
(part #10-1010-001) Alloy 316 S.S.

Sample Cylinder S.S.
(part #10-3044-150)
(150 mL size shown) other volumes available

Enviroflow Mounting Bracket S.S.
(part #10-0401-000)

Valve Bonnet for Enviroflow S.S.
(part #10-2340-001) Alloy 316 S.S.

Packing Gland,PTFE
(part #10-2334-003)

Valve Seat,PTFE
(part #10-2317-003)

Flow Washer S.S
(part #10-2316-000) Alloy 316 S.S.

(part #10-1056-115)
(Viton polymer shown) other polymers available

Mounted Process Station
with Enviroflow

SURGE PROTECTORS (for intrinsically safe process transmitters)

We provide specially designed surge protectors for 4-20 mA current transmitters and 1-5 volt low power transmitters to ensure safe and efficient protection of these devices. This product offers a high-quality, yet economical solution to your equipment protection needs.

(Call for details and specifications)

4-20mA Surge Protector
(part #SP-2WA)

Installed 4-20mA Surge Protector
(part #SP-2WA)

1-5 volt surge protector for low
power transmitter

(part # SP-5LP)